Saturday, November 9, 2013

Autumn baking with the Midglet! Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

I love these muffins - they are very easy to make, easy to substitute organic and alternative ingredients, and delicious to eat!! 

I got the recipe from several years ago and it's been a fall staple in our house since. I especially enjoy it now that I can bake with The Midglet! He loves cooking and baking activities and we are definitely a cook-together family.

You can substitute white flour for whole wheat flour, white sugar for raw sugar, and vegetable oil for olive oil. I prefer baking with white refined sugar, so I use non-organic if it's what's available. I also doubled the recipe for our baking day. For the chocolate, I use dark and semi-sweet chips. I will sometimes make a cream cheese frosting as a topping, but the muffins don't NEED them so we didn't this time. 

We had so much fun making these during our play date with Moxie! It was a little hectic in the kitchen with these two, I didn't have the opportunity to adequately photograph the ingredients. There's always next time! Maybe we'll make them again for Thanksgiving :)

I was so excited to find some ghost shaped baking cups in my baking cupboard! I completely forgot I had them, and since we made these before Halloween, it was perfect! They made HUGE muffins, so the doubled recipe = 16 of these baking cups.

And of course the best part of baking is the EATING!

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