midglet musings

The Midglet: “Nana needs to buy big toilet paper so I can wipe my big bone."
Where does he come up with this stuff?

Did not realize having a son would mean this daily exchange:
“Look, mama, my bone is out."
“Honey, we've talked about this. If you don't stop touching it, it will never go down."

(Toddler wailing in background)
“Nicky, what is wrong with your milk?"
“it's too wet!"

Your pearl of wisdom for the evening: “Mommy, when I get bigger and be a mommy I will eat salad dressing."

Me: Nicky, what are you doing in the fridge?
Midglet: looking for a knuckle sandwich. I can't find it.
Me: where do you think it might be?
Midglet: the knuckle sandwich man took it to give it to the other knuckle man.
Me: ok. I got nothing

Driving with my window open, I hear this from the back seat:
Midglet: Mama, don't put your hair out the window, it will get stuck in a bush.
Me: What happens if it gets stuck in a bush?
Midglet: Then Daddy will have to fix it with superglue and I will have to help him. First he will glue your hair back, then he has to share the superglue and I will glue your hair back.
Me: Really?
Midglet: Yes, mama, you have to glue it that's what I said.

The Midglet ended up in our bed last night, and as we were all in various states of wakefulness this morning I was greeted with this statement: "Mommy I smell like I was sitting in a creek and I got all wet."
First of all, ew. Second, where does he come up with this stuff?

Midglet: Mommy, you're my...you're my best friend.
Me: Aww, thanks buddy! I love you so much.
Midglet: Mommy, now say "Nicky's my best friend." 

Midglet: Mommy, you're tickling my face! Do you have whiskers?
Me: No, buddy, I don't have whiskers. It was my hair.
Midglet: Cats have whiskers.
Me: yes they do. So do dogs, seals, walrus, lions...lots of animals have whiskers.
Midglet: Dogs don't have whiskers! Daddy, Mommy said dogs have whiskers but they don't. We have to go to the store and buy some for Jack.

Breakfast request from the Midglet:
Me: what do you want to eat?
Midglet: corn and green beans!
Scott (laughing): we don't have green beans buddy, but we have peas.
Midglet: peas and corn!
Add a side of tangerines, tomatoes and rigatoni, and you've got yourself a breakfast of champions

Your afternoon pearl of wisdom from the Midglet: “you have to find a sign at the playground that says no touching fire." Just in case you were wondering if you should touch it or not.

“Mama say cheese and I will push the button!"  #toddlerfun #toddlerhood #selfie#funwithcameras #abeautifulmess #cheesykid #happykid

Making "soup with honey" and a half bottle of Dawn. At least it was a small bottle!

Melt my heart moment: The Midglet grabbing my face and telling me “you're the greatest mama ever."   

So The Midglet stands next to me and without warning or explanation strips off all clothes and runs around yelling “I'm naked Nicky!" Scott asks him why he's naked and in true toddler fashion The Midglet turns around in a circle straining to “see the germs in his tushie." I love this kid!

Midglet: “it's dark out, what happened?"
Me: “it is dark out. It's nighttime"
Midglet: “the sky broke."

Midglet: Want chips?
Me: No, baby, you can't have chips right now.
(5 minutes later) Midglet: Want chips? 
Me: No chips, honey, but you can have a pouch.
(5 minutes later) Midglet: Want chips?
Me: No chips.
Midglet: I will just keep whining.

Midglet: Do you wuv me so much?
Scott: Daddy loves you so much. More than life itself.
Midglet: Does mama wuv me so much?
Me: Mommy loves you so much. Do you love mommy and daddy so much?
Midglet: I wuv the fishies

As I'm changing my clothes..."Mama taking boobies off."

"Nicky is a handsome dude. Mama Jenny give handsome dude a bath."

"No watch basketball; still watching penguins." 

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