Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dinosaur Crayons

We made these for The Midglet's birthday and put them in the favor boxes. It was such a simple, easy craft and I can't wait to make other shapes, too! 

Crafting tends to be a family affair with us, and I spent an afternoon at my sister's house getting all the make-ahead party stuff done with her and her family. I just LOVE how we all get into it, and this activity was no different!

I found this post on making dinosaur crayons when I was searching for, surprise!, dinosaur crayons to buy. This was much less expensive than anything I found. 

All you need is a silicone mold, crayons, an oven and voila! Fun crayon shapes.

I bought the silicone mold on ebay for around $7, but I also found it on

We started by peeling the paper off the crayons

Then we broke them apart and put them in the mold. It took a about 1.5-2 crayons to fill each space. These were Rose Art and on the thinner side; I think if you used Crayola you may only need one crayon per dinosaur. Also, you may 

In the oven, on a cookie sheet lined with foil, for 25-30 minutes at 200 degrees. Let cool or put in the freezer - since it was January we just stuck the cookie sheet outside on the front step - and then pop them out of the silicone when they are cooled and firm.

Ta da! AWESOMESAUCE! We had such fun with the first batch we got creative and started making all different color combinations. We used 5 24-packs of crayons and made 7 dozen little critters. I'm saving the extras to include in a dino-themed birthday gift.

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