Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mama's Best Friend - THE BEST DOG

One year ago today, we lost our furry four-legged baby. The first. The (one and ) only so far. I still think of him and am brought to tears by how much I miss him.

 I got Jack when I was in college. Even though I really had no business getting a dog, as I could barely take care of myself and it was an impulsive decision, he changed my life and perspective on the world the second I brought him home. He was always happy. Always ready for a walk, to play, to snuggle up with me on the couch. He deserved better then, and I can only hope I made up for it over the course of his life. He was such a special dog, and for some reason he chose me to care for him and love him and be part of his pack. 
For that, I am forever grateful.

Jack was seriously the best dog ever. Even people who had their own dogs would tell me he was the best dog ever. He was fun, and loving, and friendly, and my shadow for 14 years. He would stay with me in bed if I was having a bad day, and not nudge me to play or exercise him, he was intuitive to my needs as I was to his. I knew when there was something wrong with him, just by a look he would get, like when he was going to have a seizure or when he tried to tell us to finally let him go.

Jack would jump off the diving board to rescue his pack members when they were in the pool. He would race up and down the sides of the pool and then jump in enthusiastically to cool down. He loved to chase the seagulls on the beach and walked with me as though he never got tired.

He loved to visit different lakes, and would wade in to cool off or for a drink or just to swim around a little. He wholeheartedly accepted Scott as his "new alpha" and eventually would burrow under the covers on his side of the bed instead of snuggling up with me, and I affectionately called him a traitor. 

He was always happy. When the Midglet joined us, he would be his warm pillow for daytime naps. He was as protective of the littlest one as he was of the rest of us. He loved fiercely and loyally. When he passed, the outpouring of sympathy and kind words we received showed me how many lives he touched with his happy disposition, his howling on command, his antics and love. 

He is missed and loved and will forever stay in our hearts. He was THE BEST DOG.  

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